Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time flies

Wow, this week is just speeding by. I feel like it should be moving slower, but tomorrow is already Thursday. On Monday, Peter started his week at cub scout camp from 2-8p everyday through Friday. Tuesday morning he had a playdate with a friend that ended up lasting until the camp, then he went to camp and I picked him up early to go to a football workout. Today we started off the day relaxing a little and I got some laundry done so that I can start packing for my Nebraska trip, and then we went out to find Peter a new pair of shoes.) I thought the shoe trip would be a pretty easy, quick endeavour, but it turned into a 2+hour trip when we couldn't find any shoes that either fit or that he liked. I wanted to get him good shoes because his last pair lasted all of 2 months before he got holes all the way through them to the point of the top of the shoe being separated from the bottom.) But anyway, we got home in enough time for me to pack Ben and Peter's supper for camp (Ben is helping out at the camp) and then Ben took Peter to camp for the day. Tomorrow Peter, Liam and I are going to see a movie with our "summer movie pass" which lets us see previously run movies really cheap...we are going to see Night at the Museum. Then we'll run home and I'll feed the boys a quick lunch and haul Peter to camp and pick him up early for another football workout. Then Friday he will go to camp again and they have a little skit they put on in the evening, so Liam and I will meet Ben and Peter at camp. Then we'll get up Saturday morning and finish any packing that needs to be done and just relax for a while until we need to leave for the airport. Then 3 hours on the plane and we will be in good ole Nebraska for a week of R and R before heading home and back to the busyness that is our lives.
I am thankful that we are busy because it helps keep my mind off how much I miss my family and friends in Nebraska.
I may not be posting again until after vacation...we'll see how the next couple days go...if not I'll just say hi when I get home.


Omaha Mama said...

I could possibly sneak down to Lincoln next week for supper if you're available to go out?

Hope we get to see you - I know you'll be glad to be back in Nebraska soon!

California mom said...

I will let you know...could you please email me your phone number...not sure where it is right now. I will check my email from my parents' house.