Saturday, March 27, 2010

Almost a year


Almost a year has gone by since my last post. So for a few updates....

Ben is still furloughed 3 days a month (even though a judge has now ruled that the furloughs must end immediately and after the appeal is hear the state must pay him back pay for the days which he was furloughed....)

I did get an amazing job. I am working at an elementary school as an Instructional Assistant in a special ed preschool classroom. When I started work we had 5 kids and 3 adults (the teacher, another aide and I). Now we are up to 9 kids and still just the 3 adults. Amazing what a difference 4 kids can make. I love the job and I love the kids I work with. They are all such a fun bunch of kids that have a variety of issues that make them truly unique individuals. I have been working at this job since October and I hope to be working this position for a long time to come. It is a great schedule... 4 days a week from 11:15-3. I have the same holidays and breaks off as my kids do and I will have summer vacation off with them too. Looking back it was truly a job worth waiting for.

Peter is almost done with 5th grade. Next year he will move on to middle school. He is very excited about the change and I think in most ways it will be very good for him. It is a little scary for me to see him growing up so fast. He is becoming more and more independent every day. He continues to be involved in sports and scouts. He just received his arrow of light award in cub scouts and "bridged" to Boy Scouts. This year in football his team got second place in the Palomar Conference Championships for his age division. In wrestling he finished 2nd place in the county championships.

Liam is finishing up 1rst grade and I think he is going to miss having his brother around school next year. Liam played flag football again this past year and his team won the local flag championship...way to go WARHAWKS!!! Liam got to start in cub scouts this year and this summer he will move from being a Tiger Scout to being a Bear scout. He signed up for baseball this year and after recovering from a poorly timed broken thumb has been in three games so far. (He broke his thumb the day after the first practice when he was playing outside with some girls...he would kiss them and then run away and they would try to catch him and kiss him...anyway, he tripped and fell and landed just the wrong way and broke his thumb. He was in a cast for 3 weeks and then had to wait 3 more weeks until he could play to make sure everything was all healed up. Liam also acted in his first play put on by Missoula Children's Theater. The kids audition on Monday and then start practicing that night and every night during the week for 5 days and then they put on a performance on Saturday of the same week. This year the play was King Arthur's Quest. Liam was a "mini white knight". It was a really cute play and he had a blast doing it.

So, it has been quite an almost year....

All in all I am counting my blessings that I have such an amazing family and great friends (both those near and far).