Thursday, June 28, 2007


I have just reread my last two posts and realize that I have been very whiny lately and I have decided that I need to work on being more positive. So today I have been trying to look at things in a positive way. It really amazes me how much smoother today is going. I got up this morning with a smile on my face and it seems like others are responding well to my positive attitude. This is one of the things that I know I have to work on...being positive. It becomes all too easy to dwell on negatives and then I realize I am no fun to be around. So, even though Ben is still gone today I can realize that actually makes life a little easier as I don't have to live on another person' schedule. I can just let myself get done what gets done and the rest will still be there tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

husband on business trip

My dear husband is on a business trip for 2 days and I really miss him. The kids are keeping me busy and driving me a bit nuts at times. Liam especially seems to be on the tantrum rampage today. Anything I say no to results in a monumental tantrum that gets out of control fast. I don't give in to him, but man I HATE the screaming, crying, kicking that is going on today. I'm trying to be a little understanding since he seems to be missing Ben as much as I am, but at the same time I just want him to be a perfect little angel for me. I guess I must just be asking too much today of both myself and my sweet boys.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Too busy????

This is my first blog, and even as I start I am thinking that I really don't have time for this...You see, I am a stay at home mom who hardly ever stays at home. I have 2 kids age 8 and 4 who are the light of my life. But, the older they get the busier I get. My oldest son is involved with many activities...Cub Scouts, Football, CCD, baseball, basketball....etc... My youngest just finished and 8 week session of soccer. I sometimes wonder if my kids, especially my oldest is too busy. On an average week we have cub scouts on Monday, CCD on Tuesday, sports practice Mon-Fri and usually a sports game on Saturday. So that leaves Sunday for church and family time. During the school year I feel like all I do is run around and I don't get "quality" time with my kids. I really miss the down times. Now that summer is here I am breathing small sigh because at least the daytime is mine to spend with the boys. But, now football preparation is starting and my son Peter (the oldest) has football camp in the morning for 3 hours and then 2 nights a week he goes for a strength training workout. Then in a week cub scout camp will take him away from me from 2-8p everyday. I always said that I wasn't going to be one of those parents who let their kids get too busy, but I feel like I am losing that battle some days. I really want them to experience different activities, but I am wondering when enough is enough.