Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am going off on one of my little side blogs here. I found a new health blogthat I found really interesting. Generally I don't put a lot of stock in holistic medicine because I don't know much about it, but this site does a good job of explaining different holistic ideas. I will include a link to the page so you can check it out. After reading several of the small articles I think I am going to bookmark it to refer to later. You should check it out if you have any interest at all in Holistic medicine. Here's the link to the health blog: http://www.healthyfellow.com
Okay, anyway one of the articles on the blog was talking about artichoke leaves and IBS. Since I have IBS that really caught my eye. So far none of the medications that I have gotten from my doctor have helped, so I think I might just try out their suggestion. I figure it can't hurt, right?

The boys are doing really good. Peter went to sleep away summer camp. I missed him a lot, but he had a great time. Liam enjoyed being home with me and getting my whole attention. He got to be the "man of the house" when Ben was at camp with Peter.
I'll post some more pics soon.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Updates and a few pics

I'm so bad at keeping this blog up lately. And I haven't even been as busy as usual, I guess I just took a blog holiday. Since the last blog, Peter's neck healed fine with no more trouble and he finished out the wrestling season. Then it was on to Rugby for Peter and tball for Liam. This was Peter's second year playing rugby and he of course loved it. Liam played tball for the 1rst time and he had a great time. Right now we are in a bit of a lull from sports, but it won't last too long...football starts officially in August, but there will be camps during the month of July.

Ben has been really busy at work and has been working evenings and weekends, which is really not fun for the family or for him I'm sure! I've been looking for a part time job to help out with the finances a little, but haven't had any luck so far. In the meantime I've been keeping busy with Poway Pop Warner football, since I'm still on the board of directors there. And a month or so ago I joined the Poway Youth Rugby board of directors. So I won't be bored for a while! HA!

We took a week long "free" vacation (that we got from touring the Welk Resort vacation condos) to Monterey, CA. It was an absolutely gorgeous place to visit. There was a wide variety of things to do and most of it was FREE!!!! We walked along Cannery Row (made famous by John Steinbeck's book of the same name), went to the Moneterey Bay Aquarium, strolled along the rocky shoreline, hopped rocks, saw some amazing tidepools, visited the "Denace the Menace" park that was designed by the guy who wrote the comic strip, went to the artichoke festival in Castroville, CA, strolled along the oldest running free boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA, drove the 17-mile drive through Pebble Beach and saw the world famous golf courses, and went hiking at Point Lobos State Park. Overall, it was a really fun trip.

This past week Liam lost his first 3 teeth. (Yes, all in one week!!!) And now, I'm all caught up on my blogging. Hope you enjoy!