Saturday, July 7, 2007


We went to the coast to hike today. It was 95 degrees at our house and it was in the low 80s on the coast with a nice ocean breeze. Our hike was 2.5 miles and only took us about 2 hours to do. It was not too steep and there were many flat places, so we were able to move at a pretty good speed. From the top of the sandstone cliff that we hiked we could see the ocean perfectly. It was really an awesome view. The hike took us past an elementary school, and a few VERY nice houses that had terrific ocean views, and then on to a scenic overlook. Then we had to back track our way down the hill. Going down was super easy and took no time at all.
Now we are home and I had a small nap and am ready to play "mousetrap" with Liam, Ben and Peter. Liam loves the game, but since I don't like it as much he doesn't get to play too often. For the rest of the evening we will be just sitting back and relaxing enjoying each others' company.

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Omaha Mama said...

Hey - I think you should sign up for that writer's conference. That sounds like a great idea! I hope you find some inspiration for an idea because you would be a wonderful author!

I like reading what you all are doing, I'm jealous that you live so near the ocean, I love those ocean views!