Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What to take in an evacuation

Around here, there is often talk about having a kit ready for evacuation with important papers and pictures and such. But when it comes time to evacuate, deciding what you need is really more difficult than you would think. I know this first hand after evacuating my home on Monday. As we were sitting safely at a friend's home I kept thinking about all the things I could have brought. It was intimidating when the notice to evacuate came and it was hard to think at that time what to take. So now, I am trying to think about calmly what I would take if I was evacuate again. Here is my list:

1. My kids and husband
2. Inhalers
3. clothes
4. pictures
5. bank statements/checks/credit cards
6. birth certificates and S.S. cards
7. camera
8. sleeping bags
9. pillows
10. board games/card games
11. a book or two

That is all I can think about right now.
What would you take in an emergency evacuation???

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Omaha Mama said...

Wow Julie - I can't believe you guys had to go through that. How scary!

I would definitely take photo albums. Our master list of bills, online accounts, etc. And what we would pack to go on any trip. I would also take the kids' very favorite things (blankets, animals, a book?).

But the fear of what we had to leave behind would terrify me!