Friday, October 19, 2007


Thank goodness it's Friday. I really am thankful it's Friday. I do not have too much to do today and it is a great feeling. There are lots of things that I COULD do today, but I think maybe I've earned at least a part day break.
I feel like I am really missing family and friends lately. I haven't had much time to connect. Blogging is great for reaching everyone at once, but not so great for a more personal touch.
Last Friday I went to the pumpkin patch with Liam and his preschool class. It was actually really fun!!! There were lots of parents there, so I only had to keep track of Liam and it made it a special day for us.
Here's a couple of pictures, Liam in the pumpkin patch and Liam's preschool class on the hay bales.

Aren't they cute???? Mrs. Kemper (the teacher) is in the second picture.

This was Liam's first field trip ever and his first time on a school bus. He was so excited all week about riding the school bus. Isn't he adorable.

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Omaha Mama said...

So cute!

Are you safe from the fires? I've been worrying about you!