Thursday, November 1, 2007


As of yesterday the wilderfire that ravaged our area of southern CA was 100% contained with full control expected by Nov. 5th. What this means is that there is no active out of control fire anymore, but that there are still smoldering embers in some spots. So things around here are pretty much back to normal. Although, we have been hearing the weather report that we may be having Santa Ana winds starting tomorrow throughout the weekend. So, pretty much everyone here is a little on edge. Santa Ana winds by themselves aren't such a big deal, but the fact that they also signal high temps, low humidity and strong winds. Those three things are bad news in our drought sticken area.
Yesterday I really knew that life was back to normal. I took Peter to school in the morning then went home for about 30 minutes. Liam and I then went back to Peter's school for a halloween party. I was in charge of helping the kids in the class make rice krispie monsters. I mixed up a batch of rice krispies and then plopped some on waxed paper and the kids molded them into monsters. It was messy, but fun. Then I took Liam to his preschool and dropped him off, then back to Peter's school to help out with the afternoon activites. Then back to Liam's school to pick him up. We went home for 30 minutes and gathered our halloween costumes and headed to football practice. After football practice the kids changed into their costumes and we went trick or treating. Then we came home and off to bed.
Today Liam has speech therapy and tonight we are going to watch a football game.
I love my life and am so thankful for my family and friends.
I'll post some halloween pics soon.

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