Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My week at a glance

I decided to blog about the things I need to do this week not so that people will feel sorry for me, but so that I can have a little back up to my memory. So bear with me and if you don't feel like reading, don't worry I will try to write something more interesting later...maybe Thursday.
Here goes....

Monday: Take Peter to school, workout, go to the bank, pick up surveys from printer, order jacket and blanket, stop by home to pick up a snack for Liam at school, take Liam to school, go to Peter's school to volunteer, call my sister to wish her a happy birthday, go pick up Liam from school, home for 5 minutes to let Peter change into football uniform and then out the door to a Catholic scouting medal meeting, to the football practice, take Jens home and pick up Liam, eat supper and watch a little tv, then finally BED!!!!

Tuesday: Take Peter to school, come home and start laundry, while laundry is going clean out car and then vacumn and wipe out with wet towel, finish laundry, blog, take Liam to speech therapy, pick up Peter from school, come home for 30 minutes so Peter can work on homework, head to CCD, come home and make supper, eat, head out to Poway Pop Warner board meeting, come home and off to bed I go.

Wednesday: Take Peter to school, go to work, take Liam to preschool and stay to volunteer, pick up Peter from friend's house, run home and get Peter to do a little homework and then change for football practice. Drop Liam off at Jens' house and pick up Jens. Take Jens and Peter to football practice. Take Jens home and pick up Liam, come home and make supper, watch tv and go to bed.

Thursday: Take Peter to school,workout, do housework, take Liam to speech therapy, pick up Peter from school, have Peter do homework and then head out to sell popcorn for cub scouts. Go to family fun night at school?? Make supper, watch The Office, and got to bed.

Friday: Take Peter to school, workout, make Liam lunch and snack for school, take Liam to preschool, pick up Peter from school, pick up Liam from preschool, make sure Peter gets changed for football practice, take Liam to Jens' and take Jens and Peter to football, take Jens home and pick up Liam, make supper, go to bed.

Saturday: Up by 6 so that we can be to the high school by 6:45, set up football field for the day, watch Peter's game, volunteer at the board booth for one or more games, watch football on tv, relax, relax, relax!!!!

Sunday: Go to church, workout, ????

So there's a small glimpse of my week. Some of my days don't seem so busy so I'll have to see what else I can get accomplished on those days.

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