Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well it is official as of yesterday...Peter is going to have the same teacher as last year, which is the best thing that could have happened. ( His teacher is now teaching 3rd grade, last year she taught at 2nd/3rd combo class.) Ms. Ruth is an incredible teacher. She is able to teach to all levels of students and she makes all kids feel important. She is very creative and energetic. Peter did very well last year and he is very happy that he will have the same teacher.
As if getting the teacher wasn't enough...we also do not have to be in a class with "the evil twins". (Let me explain a little...the twins have harassed and bullied Peter since kindergarten, even in activities outside of school. They used to taunt Peter to the point that he would knock them down in kindergarten. In first grade, they were thankfully not in Peter's class, but found him on the playground and told him that he had to pay him $20 or they were going to tell the playground supervisor that Peter had choked a kid. I went to the principal and the parents had to go to school to have a meeting. We have been unlucky enough to be on many sports teams with them and they always taunt Peter. During the last baseball season, they hit Peter in the head with a baseball helmet on purpose and then laughed about it.) We had emailed the principal and teacher at the end of school last year and asked that the twins not be in the same class as Peter because of the problems and we got our wish!!!!
I feel like we really are having some good luck. I hope it continues.


SDben5 said...

Also known as the "hitler twins".

Omaha Mama said...

Yay about the twins. That is a relief. Too bad they're also in extra-curric. stuff. Hopefully making your son see how not to act at least!