Monday, August 13, 2007

end of summer

Well here it is the last week of summer vacation. I have one last week to really have fun with my kids. I think that there will be trips to the park at least a couple of days. Maybe one last trip to Legoland if we can fit it in, and one last summer movie. As I consider all the "lasts" I also start thinking of all the "firsts" that are about to come. Peter's first day in 3rd grade, and Liam's first day in preschool. Both happen next Wednesday, August 22.
Peter is really excited about going to third grade because this year he will get to be in the GATE program and will have more challenges. He also is very familiar with the school and knows lots of kids, so he will adjust well I'm sure.
Liam is also very excited about getting to go to preschool. Ever since we toured the classroom back in April he has been asking when he can go there. I will be helping out in the classroom part time...once a week or so. Hopefully, he will adjust well on the days that I am not with him. He has never been to preschool, and other than going to another daycare room while I work for a couple of hours, he has never been away from me. I have never had to leave him with "strangers" and be farther away than down the hall. I think that I will probably have more trouble being away than he will have with me being gone. He will get to make new friends, which seems to come pretty easily for him. He'll also get to learn to sit still and learn all of his letters and numbers. I am excited to see how much he will learn.


SDben5 said...

I'm also interested in seeing how our kids do this year in school.

Omaha Mama said...

It's all so exciting! Liam and Brenna will be in the same class! Can't wait for stories.