Saturday, August 18, 2007

Catching up

Wow, I just realized that I haven't blogged since Monday. Seems like this week went really fast for the most part. During the day the boys and I have played many board games and watched tv and just tried to stay indoors where it was cool. Wednesday I had to go get a tuberculosis test so that I can volunteer in Liam's preschool. (For those of you that have never had a TB test, you get a needle stuck in your arm and are injected with a small amount of TB and then you have to return to the doctor's office 2 days later to see if you developed a reaction to the shot.)
Thursday I took the boys to a movie...we saw Hoodwinked. It was a pretty cute movie. Then on Friday Peter and Liam played with friends and Friday evening Peter had his first scrimmage against the other Poway Mighty Mite team. Peter did okay, but he was a little tired from playing and swimming with his he wasn't as explosive as he can be....but he had a good time and his team won the scrimmage. Today we went to the annual Poway Pop Warner Walkathon. This is the football organization's main fundraiser. The kids walked 4 miles and then after the walk, each team sponsors a booth and the kids get to play games for a few hours. I have volunteered the last couple of years to help and I did the same this year. I helped check kids in and then sold tickets for the game booths. Liam did not want to go on the walk, so he stayed and helped me and Ben went with Peter to do the walk. After the walkathon they needed help picking up trash and Peter and Liam went around and picked up trash and earned a pair of movie tickets. So after the walkathon we came home and cooled off a little and then headed to the movie theater to see The Simpson's Movie. It was pretty funny. Tomorrow we are going to take it easy most of the day. Peter and Ben have to go to a cub scout meeting tomorrow night, but I think Liam and I will stay home and rest up for the week ahead.
Monday afternoon we will find out who Peter will have for a teacher in the fall. And after that Peter goes right to football practice. Tuesday, Liam has his preschool orientation in the afternoon right before football practice. Then Wednesday is the "big day" where Peter goes to third grade and Liam starts preschool. Thursday I am going to start back to work at my part time job. So I am going to take a deep breath tomorrow and gear up for what promises to be a busy, yet fun week ahead.

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Omaha Mama said...

Third grade! Oh my gosh. Seems impossible.

You do stay busy!