Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May update

Okay, it's been awhile since I blogged. I really don't have any big news to report. Peter just finished his first season of rugby. He really enjoyed playing and is anxious for the next season to start. We signed up both Peter and Liam for football this year. Liam will be playing flag football and Peter will be in his second year of tackle football. Ben got selected as a head coach for Peter's division in football. Peter is excited about the idea of having his dad as his coach. Liam will have the same coach Peter had when he was in flag football.
Today I signed Liam up for kindergarten. It really is hard to believe that my "baby" is going to kindergarten.
Last month my sister and her hubby and kids drove from Nebraska to California with my parents to have an enjoyable spring break. I got to visit with them for a few days and it was nice playing tour guide. Ben and the boys went to Kansas at the same time to celebrate Ben's grandma's 90th birthday. So, although I missed them at least I wasn't all alone.
At the end of May we are going to Puerto Rico to visit Ben's parents for a week. We are all looking forward to a little RandR.
Other than that, not much is going on other than the usual running errands and school things.

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Omaha Mama said...

My B is starting kindergarten too. Our first! It's amazing, to think we'll have a school ager.

I'm glad you posted - I miss keeping up with what you're up to!