Monday, September 10, 2007

catching up

What a great weekend this was!!! On Saturday, Peter's football team won their game 33-14. Winning sure feels good. Peter did a great job and made 2 sacks and 4 tackles, and recovered a fumble. This last week the coach decided to have Peter play BOTH offense and defense, so he played quite a bit. He really seems to enjoy football. He looks so tough and grown up in his uniform. I will try to post some pics soon. Sunday we had football pictures, and we tried to get a "buddy" picture of Liam and Peter together, but Liam decided that he didn't want his picture taken and refused to smile we are going to have some interesting pictures. Oh well...gotta love em.
Liam has been sick for the past week. I took him to preschool on Wednesday and towards the end he told me his head hurt and he went and curled up on a pillow. Then when the group was having circle time he didn't want to stand up. He told the teacher his head hurt, but she didn't understand him so he stood up. When I looked over at him he was VERY pale and was holding his stomach. I walked over to the circle and I was talking to him. The assistant teacher came over and asked what was wrong and I told her that he wasn't feeling good. Since there was only 5 minutes left in class, we went ahead and left. I drove over to Peter's friends house to pick up Peter and Liam slept a little. When we were on our way home Liam woke up and started crying and when I asked him what was wrong he opened his mouth to talk and instead threw up all over the car. I took him home and put him to bed. On Friday he still had a fever and a cough, so I took him to the doctor and he has bronchitis. So, the doctor gave him some antibiotics and sent us home. Today he will be going back to preschool, but he still has a terrible cough.


Omaha Mama said...

Oh I hope the little guy is healthy soon! Sick kids, that's no fun. Puke, even less fun.

A said...

Well Miss E must not want Liam to feel left out in the sick department! She threw up at the store yesterday after we picked N up from school...there was NO warning!!! Of course, daddy is out of town on business this week. The fun never ends with kids does it? :) Hope he is feeling better. Miss E seems to be bouncing back already. Gotta love that about kids, don't ya?